Western Australia to ban puppy farms and sale of puppies from pet shops

Puppy farms will be outlawed and buying puppies from pet shops banned under laws to be introduced to the Western Australian parliament.

The premier, Mark McGowan, has committed to ending over-breeding and the operations of illegal breeders.

“Dogs are an important part of many families in Western Australia,” McGowan said.

“We want to make sure they are looked after and treated well throughout their lives.

“The new laws will mean dogs can be traced throughout their lives through a central registration system, allowing authorities to identify dodgy or illegal breeders and shut down their operations.

“We will also be providing assistance to pet shops to help them transition to dog and puppy adoption centres, meaning they can re-home displaced and abandoned dogs.”

Maylands MLA and the puppy farming working group’s chair, Lisa Baker, said the legislation would make the state’s dogs and puppies safer, reduce the opportunity for illegal puppy farming and encourage better welfare for all dogs.

“It supports good breeding practices and responsible pet ownership,” she said.

“Western Australians will be able to trust that the dogs and puppies they are bringing into their homes have not come from illegal puppy farms and, if necessary, can be traced back to the person who bred them.”

The RSPCA said the new laws were the biggest single improvement to animal welfare in WA for 20 years.

“It is now up to every dog lover in WA to let their local member of parliament know that these reforms are important to ensure the legislation is passed quickly,” it said.

“The sooner the legislation comes into law, the sooner it will help prevent some of the suffering and cruelty to dogs.”

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