What we do at Global Young Geographers Project (GYG Project) Foundation:

Integrating veganism into mainstream society is essential in the progression of conservation efforts towards protecting our future. The current byproducts produced mainly by the meat industry are giving rise to issues involving an increase in global warming, a potential water crisis, and damaging effects on Earth’s ecosystems. Veganism helps to reduce these problems while it also brings awareness to them during the process. However, efforts cannot be made without the involvement of the government and the people.

Dr. Jane Goodall, an environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace, delivered a message to her fans during her speech at a National Press Club (NPC) event recently to implore people to give up meat for the sake of the planet and our own health. Introduced by NPC President Michael Freeman with a quote from her British Vogue interviewGoodall told the crowd:

“The most important message is that each one of us– we might only make a tiny impact, a tiny difference with the choice we make of what to buy: How did it harm the environment? Did it cause animals to suffer? Is it cheap because of child slave labor and inequitable wages? And, if we all make ethical choices then we are going to be able to contribute to mitigating climate change.” (The Beet, 29 September, 2020)

It is we, the people of this planet, that must come together in order for conservation efforts like veganism to work. Through our strength as one, the degradation of our Earth can be slowed through advocacy campaigns and the incorporation of greener diets and participating in environmental protection, vegan advocacy, climate protection, animal rights advocacy, wildlife conservation, ecotourism, animal rescue, refugee relief support, global peace campaign, disaster relief programs, marine conservation, youth advocacy, tree planting, indigenous communities empowerment, land and water conservation.