Chemical pollution: Cause of ‘bloody’ Nsukwao River

Effluent pipe of Common Effluent Treatmant Plant at Damanganga river in Vapi,Gujarat,India

It has now been established that, the ‘bloody’ Nsukwao River in the Eastern region was caused by a chemical pollution.

A factory sited upstream the River is said to have been responsible for the contamination.

According to the Eastern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Ebenezer Tetteh, “the colour of the stream was not blood as it was being alleged but rather a chemical that was washed down by a tie-dye manufacturer upstream.”

The officer who spoke to the Daily Graphic said this was established when the police rushed to the scene after receiving the news last Saturday morning.


Mr Tetteh said even though the police has since launched investigations into the matter, it was yet to pick-up anyone for questioning.

“We have not picked anyone yet as there was no one at the warehouse when we visited,” ASP Tetteh stated.



Residents in and around Nsukwao, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern region, were thrown into a state of shock when on Saturday, October 7, 2017, they woke up to see the Nsukwao River turned into ‘blood’.

The initial conclusion many residents drew was that, the gods were angry with the people in that part of Koforidua hence the change in colour of the river.

Their fear and disbelief was further heightened when some renowned men of God visited the scene to pray, albeit to exorcise the river of any curse that might have precipitated the situation.

However, their fears soon gave way to relief when the ‘bloody’ colour of the water started fading.

The Nsukwao River is one of the streams in that community used for multiple purposes including farming.

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